Wednesday, December 14, 2016

Some Skin Care Products I've Used in 2016 (A Review)/ Routine

Hey guys before we get into the post, just wanted to share that this post was actually supposed to be up by fall of 2016. I have a totally new skin care regimen and using different products as well, which I will share soon. For now, I hope you like the review of some of the products I've used in the past! (:  

Hey guys, welcome back to the blog! This week, I thought I would do something different from my usual fashion posts and do a beauty one instead. More specifically, I will share about my skin care routine from this past spring/summer and do a mini review on each product. Just to share a little bit about my skin, I have combination skin, which means I get oily in some areas like my T-Zone and normal to dry in other areas. The main skin issues I deal with are pores, blackheads, and the occasional breakouts. All reviews shared are my own opinions based on my personal experiences and I would recommend further research and testing samples of products before purchasing because everyone's skin is different. With that said, let's begin with the reviews! (: 

Product 1: Removing makeup. The Neutrogena oil-free eye makeup remover has been a favorite item of mine since I first started wearing eye makeup all the way back in high school! It gently removes all of my water proof eye makeup and doesn't leave my eyes feeling raw or sensitive. 
One item that is not pictured in this routine is my favorite face make up remover, Clinique's "Take the Day Off" Cleansing Oil. This oil cleanser is very efficient in removing both face and water proof eye makeup. You gently massage it into your face and can literally see the make up melt off your skin. I've currently used it all up and would repurchase, but there are just too many products out there that I want to try!

Product 2: Cleansing the face. I used Purity back in high school, but I wasn't too fond of it until I re-used it later on in my college years. I used to like extra foamy cleansers, but as my skin started to change, I opted for more gentle cleansers, like this one. You'll either like this product because it is gentle, or you won't like it because it doesn't feel like it's deeply cleansing your skin. Mind you, I wouldn't recommend only using Purity after wearing a full makeup look as it may not wash off everything. Use it after a makeup remover or for a general daily cleanser.

Product 3: Toner. Toning the face after cleansing feels great, especially after a long day of wearing makeup. It's the last step of really cleansing the face from all the impurities. This Thayers Rose Witch Hazel feels refreshing on my skin and is alcohol free so my skin doesn't feel too stripped like some other toners I've used. I just dab a few drops onto a cotton pad and wipe my faee down. It's not my all-time favorite, but pretty up there and it works fine on my skin and affordable.

Product 4: Serum time. Vitamin C products have been getting very popular recently and I am glad that I discovered them! I've actually repurchased this product and almost finished up my second bottle T_T. This product revealed visible results within a few weeks after consistent use. I noticed my skin was brighter, skin tone more evened out, and overall more radiant than before. If you have dull or uneven skin tone definitely try a sample of this or any similar recommended Vitamin C serum. The only downside is, if you stop using it, well your skin will slowly go back to it's old state. It's pricey to repurchase consistently, so I am on a hunt to find a more affordable and efficient serum. Let me know if you know of any good ones! 

Product 5: Moisturize moisturize moisturize.  I have been fond of using Belif products after trying their famous Moisture Bomb. If you don't know what Belif is, it is a skin care company from Korea that has been in the spotlight due to it's unique approach of mixing old herbal methods with modern Korean science and also, they are sold at Sephora which makes it easier to have access to in the states. They are known for more soothing and gentle herbal based products. I didn't see any dramatic results with their moisture bomb or this lotion, but I was content on how it maintained my skin and seemed to keep it balanced and hydrated  If you want to go try products for sensitive skin, I would recommend this line.

Product 6: Protect Your Skin, use some Sunscreen! Using sunscreen is so important. The sun, especially exposure to that Californian summer sun, can be extremely harsh on the skin. Continuous and long time exposure to UV rays can cause issues such as premature skin aging, sun burns, and even skin cancer, which is why we really need to protect our skin with a good sunscreen. I personally  like to use Korean sunscreens because they use pretty high SPF with PA++ or PA+++ which supposedly provides "extra protection". 

Product 7: Eye cream. This is the first eye cream I've ever purchased and really used routinely. It has a gel like texture and extremely light weight on the eyes which I liked, but at the same time a little too light where I could not tell of any significant benefits. To me, it was just a mediocre eye cream that I used to incorporate in wrinkle prevention skin care. 

Product 8: Final step before hitting the hay. A highly moisturizing face balm while clocking in the Z's. I'm always on the hunt for a rich and deeply hydrating cream I can use during the night. I discovered Farmacy just last year and thought I'd give this a try. Just a warning for those who don't like Vaseline or oils, you will not like this product. The texture when you scoop it out is like Vaseline and when you start to massage into your face it melts into an oil. It can feel pretty greasy actually. I thought it was hydrating to me, but I also didn't really notice a big difference in my skin. This product was a miss for me, personally, but who know maybe it'll be good for those with normal/dry skin?. 

Hope you enjoyed this personal skin care product review and I will be posting more regards to beauty in the near future! Thanks for stopping by! (: